CHN Go Global

Empowering Global Citizens of the Future

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CHN Go Global is more than travel and study-abroad programs.

We create life changing experiences that allow students to discover the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

To deliver transformational Global learning opportunities that empower students’ personal and leadership development, foster meaningful relationships, and celebrate our differences.

Our Vision

To make the world a smaller and more connected place through cultural exchange.

Our Values

  • Striving for Excellence
    Aspiring to our highest ideals in all we do: honesty, integrity, innovation, and competence.

  • Student Centered
    Challenging students to be global leaders through safe, fun, and empowering learning experiences.

  • Positive Impact
    Committed to uplifting our students, partners, and communities who host us, learning from experiences, and leaving a positive mark throughout our journeys.

  • Appreciating Diversity
    Listening curiously with open minds for increased understanding and an expanded view of the world.

Our Leadership Team