Plug-&-play outbound & exchange programs.

Europe. South America. Asia. CHN Go Global offers plug-&-play travel and exchange services that attract students and add value to overseas & domestic programs.

The CHN Go Global Advantage


Our top priority is student safety and mental, physical and emotional well-being. This includes balanced diets and comfortable accommodations.


CHN Go Global education partners are carefully screened, including site visits, reference checks and performance reviews.


Students are never alone! CHN Go Global provides students 24/7/365 first-language support.


CHN Go Global’s international network and buying power means preferred rates and priority placements.


Learning happens both inside and outside the classroom so students experience the world like a local.

Let’s design a program tailored to your organization.

When you choose CHN Go Global you get the combined excellence and experience of the Canada Homestay Network and leading-edge program partners for education-based travel experiences.
  • Custom Programs

  • Student Recruitment

  • Logistics & Travel Planning

  • 24/7/365 Support

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